Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of booking, membership and service

1. Introduction

These terms apply to your rental of desk space within our coworking facility ("the Premises"). Please reach out to our administration if you have any questions regarding these terms.

2. Use of the Premises

Your use of the desk and premises is limited to the use of the desk for standard office work in a shared coworking office environment.

You may not sublet the desk, or transfer the use of it to another individual. It is for your use only.

Unlawful activities, those that endanger the premises or its users, or those that could damage our reputation are strictly prohibited.

Your booking agreement grants you access to your designated desk space and specified common areas. It does not establish a tenancy agreement.

Please respect the other users of the desks, desk hub and church users.

3. Membership, Bookings and Payments

You may only book a desk using our booking system.

Memberships are available to enable lower pricing and the ability to book 6 weeks in advance.

Some memberships include pre-paid hours that can be used within the month of the membership. Membership hours not used are not refundable.

Full payment is required in advance either with payment at the time of booking or by using some of your available pre-paid membership time.

We reserve the right to decline any booking.

4. Cancellations

Cancellation by You: You may cancel your booking on the MY BOOKINGS page on our website/app. The booked time is credited to your account for rebooking at a more suitable time. No booked time is refundable.

Cancellation by Us: We reserve the right to cancel bookings with written notice if compelling circumstances arise. In this instance, you'll receive a full refund. We are not liable for any additional costs you might incur.

5. Music and Entertainment

Please keep noise levels respectful of other coworking space users.

Playing music, other than on your headphones, is not permitted.

Hosting a guest at your desk to work with you or to have a meeting with you is not permitted.

6. Insurance

We recommend that you obtain insurance to protect both you, your possessions and your business activities. Our insurance does not cover your potential liabilities or losses.

7. Health, Safety, & Conduct

Respectful Environment: Maintain a working environment that is free from disturbance to others. Please be mindful of your noise levels, especially during designated quiet periods or shared space use.

Hygiene: Keep your desk space clean, tidy, and free of food waste. Please do not leave food or drink overnight. Our coworking space is not guaranteed nut-free; be considerate of potential allergies.

No Smoking/Vaping/Drugs: These are prohibited inside the building and on the grounds.

Security: Please secure your valuables at all times. The coworking space is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Do not prop open security doors or share access codes with unauthorized persons.

Emergencies: Familiarize yourself with the building's exits and fire extinguisher locations. In case of an incident, please report it to the facility manager immediately.

First Aid: A basic first aid kit is available in the room. For serious injuries, please contact emergency services.

Shared Kitchen: Please clean up after yourself and leave the kitchen tidy. Follow any posted rules regarding food storage and labeling.

8. Liability

You are responsible for the safety and well-being of yourself, your belongings, and any guests within the coworking space.

You assume any risk associated with using the space and its amenities.

The coworking space assumes no liability for accidents, injuries, or personal property loss.